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UV Bulbs & Parts

UV Replacement Bulb Sterilizers & Clarifiers

We carry a wide selection of ultraviolet replacement bulbs for Laguna pond filter lights. Our UV bulbs are high-quality UV sterilizers for ponds and help to prevent the growth of algae and mold that can be harmful to water gardens and turn water a greenish color. Our pond filter light bulbs include Power Clear, Power Clear Max, New Laguna and Pressure Flo filter UV bulbs to keep your water gardens looking their best throughout the year. All UV bulbs within your filters should be replaced yearly to ensure pond water is properly protected against harmful growth.


Our ultraviolet replacement bulbs are designed to fit the Laguna Pond brand of pond filter lights, and we have the part numbers you’ll need to make the right decision before you buy. Order today from our online store to find the highest quality and most affordable UV bulbs for your Laguna Pond filter lights. Buy today and save!