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Select the Type of Pond Fish Food You Need

Your fish require the highest quality nutrition in order to grow, thrive, and develop properly, and that’s why we provide only healthy and balanced food formulations. When you shop at Laguna Pond Supplies, you'll be able to choose from smaller or bulk-size quantities, and can pick the food you want based on the needs of your fish, the season, and the type of fish you have in your pond.

Good Food for Good Health

At Laguna Pond Supplies, one of our primary concerns is the health and safety of the fish in your ponds. We want your fish to grow and thrive just as much as you do, and that’s why all Laguna pond food formulations are made from balanced blends of high-quality vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids. Moreover, our pond foods soften in the water, are designed for easy digestion, and they won’t cloud the water.

Seasonal Food and Life Stage Nutrition

Laguna pond food is available in multiple formulations to suit different seasons, life stages, and needs, including:

All-season food: This food blend provides your fish with balanced nutrition that’s ideal for the warmer summer months. The formulation is ideal for daily feedings, contains at least 32 percent protein, and is perfect for all pond fish.

Spring/fall food: Spring and fall food with wheat germ is designed specifically for health and nutrition during the cooler months. This formulation is ideal for all cold water pond fish and is a great way to transition fish into and out of winter.

Color-enhancing food: This food is made with a special blend of nutrients that’s designed to enhance and promote vibrant color markings in koi fish.

Growth formula food: Growth food contains a unique blend of nutrients to promote rapid growth in koi and goldfish. This formulation can be used as a primary food source for pond fish, or it can be used to supplement all-season food.

A Variety of Sizes for Ponds of All Sizes

We know that no two backyard ponds are alike, and that’s why Laguna pond food is available in multiple sizes. Whether you have just a few goldfish in your pond or a large school of koi, you can choose the food size that’s right for you. All of our formulations are available in multiple quantities, including:

  • 17-ounce bags
  • 2.2-pound bags
  • 4.4-pound bags
  • 6-pound bags
  • 9.9-pound bags
  • 20-pound bags

When you need pond supplies and fish food, you need Laguna Pond Supplies. Our selection of fish food and sizing options makes it easy for you to get the food your fish need in quantities that suit the size of your pond. And if you want to hear what other people have said about Laguna pond food, just have a look at the reviews that past customers have left. If you need assistance selecting a food type or quantity, feel free to contact us before you place your order.